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World Team Table Tennis Championships. 23-30 May 2010. Moscow.

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World Team Table Tennis Championships. 23-30 May 2010. Moscow.
Gunfu Video РГУФКСиТ
Год выпуска 2010
Вид спорта Настольный теннис
Авторский коллектив
Режиссёр А. Ломаев
Оператор Р. Ескулов
Звукооператор А. Трифонова
Монтаж Р. Ескулов
Перевод (англ.) Ю. Буланова
Перевод (кит.) Тянь Е
Директор С. Алескин
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Олимпийский проспект, 16 строение 2
55° 47' 1.5684" N, 37° 37' 30.7128" E

Press-Conference TTFR in ITAR-TASS

For World Team Table Tennis 2010 Video Presentation

Shibaev (RUS) vs Ma Lin (CHN)

Gladyshev (RUS) vs Ma Long (CHN)

Fukuhara (JPN) vs Huang (TPE)

1. Tikhomirova (RUS) vs Marsekova (SVK)

2 . Voronova (RUS) vs Balazova (SVK)

3. Noskova (RUS) vs Hudecova (SVK)

4. Tikhomirova (RUS) vs Balazova (SVK)

Baranova (RUS) vs (tmp unknown) (ROM)

23 May. Man. Xu Xin (CHN) vs Legout (FRA)

27 May. Man. Skachkov (RUS) vs Vrablik (CZE).

30 May. Final. Man. GERMANY vs CHINA. 4th Games. Boll Timo vs Ma Lin.

Ma Lin saluted the massed ranks of Chinese supporters, in the tiered seating in the Olimpijsky Sports Complex, after winning the final point against Timo Boll in the men’s final at the Liebherr World Team Championships in Moscow on the evening of Sunday 30th May 2010.
At the conclusion of what had been a day of drama, China beat Germany by three matches to one to regain the Swathing Cup; a duel where the eventual silver medalists could hold their heads high.
They had brought the best out of the superb Chinese players.

Timo Boll recovered from a two games to nil deficit to beat Ma Long in the first match of the duel before Ma Lin defeated Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Zhang Jike overcame Christian Suss and Ma Lin brought matters to an end by defeating Timo Boll.


30 May. Final. Women. SINGAPORE vs CHINA. 5th Games. Feng Tianwei vs Liu Shiwen.

Beaten by China in the final of the women’s event at the Evergrande Real Estate World Team Championships in Guangzhou in 2008 and in the same year in the final at the Beijing Olympic Games; Singapore caused one of the greatest upsets in the history of table tennis, when on Sunday 30th May 2010 in the Olimpijsky Sports Complex, they beat China by three matches to two.
Amid dramatic scenes Feng Tianwei sank to knees after securing the crucial point to beat Liu Shiwen and secure Singapore their first ever title at a World Championships.
It was sheer sensation, for those who had the privilege to be resent, they will relate the tale of the day to children, grandchildren with enthusiasm and indelible memories.
Feng Tianwei was the heroine, in five games she beat both Ding Ning and Liu Shiwen with Wang Yue Gu also defeating Liu Shiwen; the one Chinese success came from Guo Yan.
In the third match of the duel, she defeated Sun Bei Bei.


30 May. Final. Man. GERMANY vs CHINA. 4th Games. Suss Christian vs Zhang Jike K.

Different Scenario
However, in Moscow it was a pressure cooker situation, a totally different scenario to that which he had faced in the Max Schmelling Halle in Berlin in February.
Christian Suss won the first game, then in the second went ahead at the start, established a four point lead, retained the lead to 9-6 but then lost the next five points at Zhang Jike played in a faultless fashion; attacking over the table he had proved supreme. The momentum had swung in favors of Zhang Jike, the second was close with Zhang Jike holding a narrow lead; at 10-9 Liu Guoliang called “Time Out”. The break worked for Zhang Jike, a counter topspin rally went his way. It was time for the Chinese supporters to stand and cheer.
Assumed Control
Zhang Jike was now assuming control; in the fourth game he won the first three points of the fourth game. Richard Prause called “Time Out”. It was to no avail; Zhang Jike was quicker with the first attack, he won the fourth game and China had the lead. Once again the throngs of Chinese supporters were on their feet.

30 May. Final. Women. SINGAPORE vs CHINA. Sun Beibei vs Guo Yan.

Historical Victory in Moscow, Sensational Singapore

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